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Natal - Fortaleza

Natal - Fortaleza - Jericoacoara Trip

Natal - Fortaleza - Jericoacoara

Get to know the emotions of  Natal - Fortaleza

e Jericoacoara


The trip Natal/ Fortaleza or Fortaleza / Natal takes at least four days and three nights.


First Day:

Our first day of adventure is entirely at seashore, leaving from Natal. Our first attraction are the Jenipabú sand dunes. Moving to the north, we can find the Jacumã Lagoon, famous for its typical rides (air cable and sand skiing).

We continue our trip through long areas of desert beaches, until we reach the beach of Peroba, where we stop for our second daily meal. Continuing our tour, our first night is on the beach of São Miguel do Gostoso, where we can find a Kite and a Wind Surfing School and the sunset is over the sea.


Second Day:

The adventure continues the next day with a visit to the bucolic Galinhos beach, attractive for its simplicity and difficult access. After visiting Galinhos beach, we need to go around the peninsula where the beach is located. The outline will be done through dirt roads, among the largest salt flats in South America.

We continue on the road of oil (the largest concentration of oil wells in the state),going through the desert Alagamar Beach, until we reach Porto do Mangue beach , you can choose the place you want to have lunch and we can spend the night at Upanema or Ponta do Mel Beach.


Third Day:

After Pintado hill we go to Upanema beach in Areia Branca and we take a ferry boat to Grossos, where the second largest cashew tree in the world is located.

Right after that, we reach Tibau only 100 km away from Canoa Quebrada, where we spend our third night, over there we are going to visit colorful cliffs and beaches with clear water. Lobster is the menu for lunch on the beach of Ponta Grossa - CE.


Fourth day:

During the fourth day of travel, we visit beautiful beaches, such as Sucatinga beach, the setting for the recording of a famous reality show, and visit the famous Fonte and Morro Branco beaches, We stop at Prainha beach for lunch, passing by The “Beach Water Park”. Our route ends with the arrival at the hotel in Fortaleza.


Fifth Day:

We start the day on the beaches of Icaraí, Tabuba and Cumbuco, where there are beautiful sand dunes and the riverside of Cauipe River, after visiting the beaches of Percem, Taiba, Paracucu, Lagoinha and Guajiru we get to Flexeiras Beach to spend the night.


Day Six:

We leave after breakfast, heading to Mundau Beach where we take a ferry boat to get to Baleia Beach and take the road to the fishing village of Preá beach and then to the beautiful Jericoacoara Beach.




- The route can be done in reverse direction: Fortaleza / Natal.

- Another option is to do the same course in more days, so we can enjoy the   beaches for a longer time.




Estrada Professora Alice Rodrigues, 633

Lagoa Azul - Natal/RN | Cep 59.132-045

(Estrada da Praia de Jenipabu)

+55 (84) 99996 8184